Darüşşafaka Tekfen

Since: 1914


Darüşşafaka Tekfen Istanbul is a professional basketball club based in Istanbul, Turkey. The club was founded in 1951 and has a long history in Turkish basketball, although it was not until 2016 that it became a fully professional club.

Darüşşafaka Tekfen Istanbul plays in the Turkish Basketball Super League and is also a regular participant in the EuroCup, the second-tier basketball competition in Europe. The team has also played in the EuroLeague Basketball competition in the past.

The team’s home arena is the Volkswagen Arena, which has a capacity of over 5,000 spectators. The team’s colors are green and white, and the team logo features a stylized version of the letter “D” in green with the team name written underneath.

Darüşşafaka Tekfen Istanbul has a strong roster of talented players, both from Turkey and from around the world. The team is known for its fast-paced and aggressive style of play, with a focus on strong defense and efficient scoring. Some of the notable players who have played for Darüşşafaka Tekfen Istanbul include Michael Eric, Jeremy Evans, and Stanton Kidd.

Overall, Darüşşafaka Tekfen Istanbul is a respected basketball club with a promising future in Turkish and European basketball.

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