FK Čukarički

Since: 1926


FK Čukarički, commonly known as Čukarički, is a professional football club based in Belgrade, Serbia. The club was founded in 1926 and has a long and notable history in Serbian football.

Čukarički competes in the Serbian SuperLiga, the top-tier professional football league in Serbia, and plays its home matches at the Čukarički Stadion, also known as the Stadion na Banovom brdu. The stadium has a seating capacity of around 5,000 and is located in the Čukarica municipality of Belgrade.

The club’s colors are red and white, and their nickname, “Brđani,” is derived from the location of their stadium on Banovo Brdo (Ban’s Hill).

Over the years, Čukarički has had periods of success in Serbian football. The club has achieved respectable finishes in the Serbian SuperLiga and has competed in European competitions, such as the UEFA Europa League qualifiers.

Čukarički is known for its focus on youth development and has a successful youth academy that has produced many talented players who have gone on to represent the club and the Serbian national team.

The supporters of Čukarički are known for their passion and loyalty, creating a vibrant atmosphere at the Čukarički Stadion during matches.

Off the pitch, Čukarički is actively involved in various community and social initiatives, using football as a tool to promote social inclusion, education, and health programs.

Overall, Čukarički remains an important and respected club in Serbian football, with a proud history and a bright future as they continue to compete in the Serbian SuperLiga.