Harvestehuder THC



Harvestehuder Tennis- und Hockey-Club (Harvestehuder THC or HTHC) is a prestigious sports club located in Hamburg, Germany. The club was founded in 1919 and has a long and illustrious history in both tennis and field hockey.

HTHC is particularly renowned for its field hockey section. The hockey teams of the club, both men’s and women’s, are among the top in Germany and have consistently achieved success at the national and international levels. They have won numerous German championships and have represented Germany in various European and global hockey competitions.

The club’s hockey facilities include modern hockey pitches, training grounds, and clubhouses, providing an excellent environment for training and matches. HTHC also has a strong focus on youth development, nurturing young talents and providing them with the resources and coaching they need to excel in the sport.

In addition to hockey, Harvestehuder THC also has a successful tennis section. The club’s tennis teams compete in various local and regional leagues, and they have produced talented tennis players over the years.

Harvestehuder THC is known for its strong sense of community and camaraderie among its members. The club organizes various social events and activities, fostering a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for its members and their families.

With its impressive history and commitment to excellence in both hockey and tennis, Harvestehuder THC holds a prominent position in the German sports scene. The club’s dedication to player development and its rich sporting heritage continue to make it a respected institution in Hamburg and beyond.

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