Racing Club de France



Racing Club de France, often referred to as Racing, is a prestigious sports club based in France. The club was founded in 1882 and has a long and illustrious history in various sports, with a particular focus on rugby, football, and field hockey.

Rugby is one of the most prominent sports at Racing Club de France. The rugby team, known as Racing 92 or Racing Metro 92, is one of the leading rugby clubs in France and competes in the country’s top-tier rugby union league, the Top 14. Racing 92 has a strong tradition of success and has won multiple national titles over the years.

Football is another significant sport at Racing Club de France. The club has a football team that has competed in various divisions of French football. While the football team hasn’t reached the same level of success as the rugby team, it remains an integral part of the club’s sporting heritage.

Field hockey is also a notable sport at Racing Club de France. The club has a distinguished history in field hockey and has achieved success in various national and international competitions.

Beyond sports, Racing Club de France boasts excellent facilities, including modern stadiums, training grounds, and clubhouses. The club has a rich social scene, and members participate in various events and activities throughout the year.

Racing Club de France holds a special place in the French sporting landscape, with a devoted fan base and a reputation for nurturing talent and promoting the growth of various sports. The club continues to be a significant contributor to the development and promotion of sports in France.

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