Rot-Weiss Wettingen



HC Rotweiss Wettingen is a field hockey club based in Wettingen, a town in the canton of Aargau, Switzerland. The club was founded in 1940 and has a long history in Swiss field hockey.

Field hockey is a popular sport in Switzerland, and HC Rotweiss Wettingen is one of the well-established and successful clubs in the country. The club’s teams compete in various domestic leagues and competitions organized by the Swiss Field Hockey Federation.

HC Rotweiss Wettingen has both men’s and women’s teams, catering to players of different ages and skill levels. The club is known for its commitment to player development and youth programs, providing young talents with the opportunity to learn and grow in the sport.

The club’s facilities include modern hockey pitches, training grounds, and clubhouses, providing a suitable environment for training and matches. They have a dedicated coaching staff to support and guide players in their development journey.

HC Rotweiss Wettingen also actively participates in regional and national field hockey events and tournaments, contributing to the promotion and growth of field hockey in Switzerland.

As with any sports club, it’s essential to check their official website or social media channels for the most up-to-date information about HC Rotweiss Wettingen, including their current teams, achievements, and any recent developments.

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