SV Kampong

Since: 1902


SV Kampong is a prominent sports club based in Utrecht, Netherlands. The club was founded in 1902 and has a rich and storied history in various sports, with field hockey being one of its primary focuses.

Kampong’s field hockey section, in particular, is renowned for its success and achievements in Dutch hockey. The club’s men’s and women’s hockey teams have consistently performed at the highest level of the sport, competing in the Dutch Hoofdklasse, which is the top tier of field hockey in the Netherlands.

Over the years, Kampong has won numerous national championships and has represented the Netherlands in prestigious European and global hockey tournaments. The club’s success on the field has earned it a reputation as one of the strongest and most competitive hockey clubs in the country.

Kampong’s hockey facilities include modern pitches, training grounds, and clubhouses, providing an excellent environment for training and matches. The club is dedicated to player development and has a well-structured youth program that nurtures young talents and prepares them for elite-level hockey.

In addition to hockey, SV Kampong also offers a range of other sports, including cricket, football, tennis, and squash. The club’s diverse sports offerings attract a wide range of athletes and enthusiasts from the Utrecht community and beyond.

SV Kampong has a vibrant and passionate fan base, with its matches drawing enthusiastic crowds of supporters who create an electric atmosphere during game days.

With its long history, commitment to excellence, and strong presence in multiple sports, SV Kampong is an integral part of the Utrecht sports scene. The club’s dedication to promoting sports and fostering talent has made it a respected institution in the Netherlands.

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