Valencia Basket

Since: 1986


Valencia Basket is a professional basketball club based in Valencia, Spain. The club was founded in 1986 and has a relatively short but successful history in Spanish and European basketball.

Valencia Basket is one of the most successful basketball teams in Spain, having won 2 Spanish League championships, 1 Spanish Cup, and 1 Spanish Super Cup. The team is also a regular participant in the EuroLeague Basketball competition, having reached the Final Four twice, most recently in 2017.

The team’s home arena is the La Fonteta, which has a capacity of over 8,000 spectators. The team’s colors are orange and black, and the team logo features a stylized image of a basketball with the club’s name in black and orange.

Valencia Basket has a strong roster of talented players, both from Spain and from around the world. The team is known for its aggressive and physical style of play, with a focus on strong defense and efficient scoring. Some of the notable players who have played for Valencia Basket include Bojan Dubljevic, Sam Van Rossom, and Joan Sastre.

In addition to basketball, Valencia Basket is also involved in other sports and activities, including football, handball, and volleyball. Overall, Valencia Basket is a respected basketball club with a promising future in Spanish and European basketball.

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